The unique characteristics of our territory

On a hill rising up to 180 meters above sea level, we find 15 hectares of land, about seven of which are vineyards, between Narni and Otricoli, in Umbria, the green heart of Italy.

At full capacity, the winery produces about 40,000 bottles per year. 350 olive trees (moraiolo, leccino, frantoio) typical of Umbrian PDO have also been planted.

We are in southern Umbria, an area less well known oenologically but rich in history and geographically well situated.

The rows of vines grow in a rugged, clay soil sprinkled with hundreds of shells and sea fossils that bear witness to a time hundreds of thousands of years ago when these lands were underwater. The Cabernet Franc vineyard sits at the heart of the estate in sunlit, windswept countryside.

The excellent exposure to the sun, the temperature range, the hills, the ideal aeration, and the uniqueness of the terroir contribute to the final result.